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4711 West Touhy Ave
Lincolnwood, IL 60712


Have not had such wonderfully fresh and delicious food since we were in Greece a very long time ago!  We love to eat out and Greek is a favorite.  Tried the new Psistaria on a recommendation. We had the 3 spread appetizers, tzatziki, eggplant and taramasalata.  Good portions of each and soooo tasty,  as well as excellent bread.   My husband got the grilled octopus, WOW amazingly good! Delicious Food!!!

So this is my first review.  3 days after the fact and I am still thinking about wonderful fish soup.  I can have it all day. 5 stars because.... -My family recieved a warm welcome. -Our server served with knowledge and a smile -The FOOD WAS ALL FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! -The staff seemed to work as a team -The FOOD WAS ALL FANTASTIC!!!!!  AGIAN! -Can't put a price onFood was fantastic!!!

Thank you my new friends.  Staying with Family in Chicago, and wanted to run out to a somewhat quick yet nice and quiet dinner for just the two of us.  Psistaria did not disappoint!   Sometimes we give gifts to people and we don't even realize it.  Your gift to us was some much needed solitude from our Grand kids, kindness in a place we didn't know, andNew Friends at Psistaria